Your Business Landline, 

Made Mobile

Unlock your business number by putting it on a cell phone, having it dial multiple employees at once, and including custom menus. Starting at $19/mo.

As Seen On

Custom Dial Menus

Calls Ring On Your Cell Phone

Your Number Can Do More 

Make and receive calls from your business landline on a personal cell phone or on a new, devoted cell phone.

Customers calling you can select from a custom dial menu that you design, which can include audio recordings.

Answering business calls is just the beginning. Customize your business number with Community Phone.

Make Calls On Many Phones

Answer Calls On Many Phones

Calls to your business can ring on multiple phones, so many employees can answer.

Employees can make business calls from their personal phones using your business number.

Community Phone set up a process for our personal phones to register as coming from our corporate phone number now when we use our personal cell phones for business! (Our staff’s favorite feature!)

Before, my business number was just a phone in our restaurant. Now, all of my delivery people can answer calls and fulfill orders. Thanks, Community Phone for making my landline number more powerful.

– Awake US Now, Minnesota, 2020

– Ellie's Pizza Palace, Massachusetts, 2019

Which Plan Is

Right For You?

1 Employee

$19.99 /mo

2 - 5 Employees

$29.99 /mo 

5 + Employees

Each plan includes inbound and outbound calling, custom dial menus, and other features.

$59.99 /mo

Why Community Phone

Reliable Customer Service

100% USA-based customer support, there for you whenever you need it.

Simple Transfer

We handle the transfer from your current provider for you, so you can walk away clean.

Bespoke Plans

Customize your number to your unique business needs. Add personalized features.

No Contracts

Try us out with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Never sign a contract.

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